LAFW: Asian Night Market

LAFW: Asian Night Market

Well, here is the first of…three or four posts I have for LAFW, or the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival. Coverage will be out of order, because, frankly, that is just how I roll these days. #Likeaboss. Even though I drank about six glasses collectively over a four day period, I still feel like I am just recovering from the sheer amount of energy a multi-day festival takes out of a person. A Spoonie like me feels the drain all that more poignantly, but I have to say, I would not trade a minute of it!

LAFW: Asian Night Market - Chef Jet Tila
Chef Jet Tila

Although, I’d have to say that due to an overwhelming throng of people, I think Asian Night Market was my least favorite night. I missed out on Chris Oh, one of my favorite Los Angeles chefs, and lamented I hadn’t taken a photo with him when I ran into him the night before. The lines on Friday night were aggravating, and Tanaya and I called it a night shortly after nine o’clock. There were still a handful of tantalizing bites that made the crowds completely worth it, as recorded below:

Here is a closer look at my favorite bites of the night:

LAFW: Asian Night Market
Five-Spice Pork Belly Taco
Chef: Jet Tila | Pakpao Thai

LAFW: Asian Night Market
Hoegaarden Waffle: cilantro, yuzu custard, meringue, lime zest
Chef: Bart Vandaele | B Too

LAFW: Asian Night Market
LAFW: Asian Night Market
Coco Chili Snails & Beer Caramel Panna Cotta
Chef: Thi Tran | Starry Kitchen

LAFW: Asian Night Market
LAFW: Asian Night Market
Salmon Sashimi Tacos & Elote Dry Miso Aioli
Chef: Jason Benavente | Nobu Los Angeles

LAFW: Asian Night Market
Tea Smoked Ora King Salmon
Chef: Brad Farmerie | Public / The Thomas

LAFW: Asian Night Market
Indonesian Shrimp Satay: cashew curry, fried shallot, sambal
Chef: Tin Vuong | Little Sister

LAFW: Asian Night Market
Mango Pudding
Patina Group Catering

LAFW: Asian Night Market
Pork Belly – Octopus – Calamari – Big Eye Tuna – Fish Sauce – Puffed Rice
Chef: Jeffrey Lunak | Blue C Sushi

LAFW: Asian Night Market - Duck Slider
McDuck Sandwich + Duck Chips
Chef: Andre Bienvenue | Joe’s Stone Crab

Shockingly enough, the pork belly taco from Jet Tila wound up being my favorite bite; surprising as I don’t particularly care for pork outside of the dried cured deli meat variety. I’m depressed that Pakao Thai is in Dallas! Booo-urns! A close second would be the sweet and spicy bites from Starry Kitchen. NGUYEN, YOU MADE ME BREAK MY VOW NEVER TO EAT SNAILS! *shakes fist at you* AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS, DAMN YOU! Ugh. Now I need to go and try that Singaporean Chili Crab.

The duck sandwich was also amazing, though I was sure to give my best playful scowl to the chefs for the dig on my favorite Disney characters. I enjoyed the duck chips equally, if a little more than the sandwich itself. Ah, I wish Joe’s Stone Crab were in Los Angeles and not Miami! So much good food, and a tremendous amount to follow, so stay tuned!

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  • Moon Crisis Sailormoon Exhibit at Rothick Art Haus

    I had missed out on the first Sailormoon event in Little Tokyo, and then again on the opening night of Moon Crisis down in Anaheim. I mean, Anaheim? Yikes that is far for me. After I’d heard about the insane crowds at both events, causing some folks unable to even get into the gallery, I didn’t feel too left out. THEN one of my favorite artists, Miss Kika, announced she would be at the Moon Crisis “second opening night” to sign what remained of her limited edition silkscreen print, “Moonlight Legend”, at a reduced price. Now, I’d seen this piece up close and personal at Anime Expo, so I knew how gorgeous it is – and I’d been coveting it ever since she would tease her instagram followers with images of its progress. I decided I’d do everything I could to get out to Anaheim and splurge on this truly spectacular piece. It a twist of serendipity, my friends decided to take their daughter to Disneyland that afternoon, and dropped me off at Rothick Art Haus right before Moon Crisis was getting underway.

    Here are some of my favorite piece of artwork from the exhibit:

    Chibi Usa and Luna P by Pamela Barbieri

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    LA Weekly Tacolandia 2014

    Tacolandia Header

    One day I will return to normal, I keep telling myself, knowing I am full of lies. Not in that cute, convenient way The Doctor is, but a real, tangible way that needs tender, loving care and a good swift kick in the ass. I would also like to order more time and energy, please. With a side of fries. July is never an easy month for me; it’s my birthday month for one thing, now throw in house/dog sitting, catching up with friends, blogger events, and of course, Steffie’s wedding – which is three weeks from today!

    All of my writing, reading, and artistic endeavors have come to a grinding halt in the meantime, but whenever I have a moment (and a bit of energy to string a couple of sentences together!), I think of Glass of Win and say to myself, “I should probably get on that.” So here I am, getting on it, with my recap of the second annual TACOLANDIA.

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    Steffie’s San Diego Hen Party

    It’s never easy when my girlfriends walk down that long, red carpet towards some man I’d shank in a heartbeat should he ever hurt my precious friend. Don’t get me wrong, most of the men my friends have decided to share their lives with I now consider friends, but they should never for a moment forget whose side I stand on out of pure loyalty. Eyes all of them.

    Steffie is my fifth bride, and so far the only one who wanted a bachelorette blow-out weekend. The last time I had a hand in any sort of bachelorette shenanigans was in 2005 when I planned Lynleigh, my first brides’, “tacky bridesmaids dresses” themed party, which took place on a singular night in Hollywood. Nine years and three brides later, Steffie wants not a bachelorette party but a Hen Do, the UK, Aussie, Kiwi and Irish equivalent. The groom-to-be is Scottish and therefore, a Hen is fitting.

    Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

    Our hostess, Tootie, dressed as Cher (LIPS Drag & Dinner Show)

    They made Steffie and the other brides-to-be do a floor shot

    Samplers from the Stone Brewery

    Bride and Maid of Honor

    Party Favors!

    So I made a little Tastemade video of our trip to the Ballast Point Brewery, which unfortunately cut Steffie off. Sorry, Steffie! She wanted to add that she also enjoyed the Victory At Sea porter and Sculpin ale.

    All in all, it was 48 hours of hot pink, phallic gags and booze-soaked good times. Soon enough, though, it will be time to walk down that aisle, Steffie Love. Your girls will be there right behind you whenever you need us.

    4th Annual Taste of the Eastside

    Taste of the Eastside

    4th Annual Taste of the Eastside

    On June 1st, the fourth annual Taste of the Eastside took place at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens in Cypress Park. Taste of the Eastside is a food & drink festival that showcases the evolving and diverse food scene of the eastside neighborhoods of Silver Lake, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Los Feliz, Atwater and beyond.

    You ready to dig in?

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    26th Annual Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Event


    26th Annual Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Event

    The most miraculous of miracles occurred on April 27th, 2014. Picture this: Beverly Hills; a stunning manor sitting atop a hill, with sweeping landscape views of Los Angeles. The grounds are immaculate in both care and beauty and the weather is perfect. That’s right. It wasn’t too chilly, nor was it scorching hot. It was as ideal one could hope for the 26th Annual Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Event.

    Why do we gather to sample the best of the best in food and wine, you ask? Refresher Course:

    The Barristers of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and the Beverly Hills Bar Foundation established the Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Event in 1988 to raise funds for various causes including, but not limited to, Wills For Heroes (a free program to provide wills to firefighters, police and first responders), free programs for victims of domestic violence, The High School Blue Car Project, which educates high school students about the law.

    Over the years, the Foundation has enhanced the community by funding a number of nationally recognized and emulated legal literacy and preventive law programs as well as community service projects including, but not limited to:
    – Free Wills for Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders
    – Free Monthly Legal Clinics
    – Free programs for victims of domestic violence
    – Free one-day seminars to help individuals understand their legal rights
    – Free programs to elementary students about tolerance and diversity
    – Free programs to high school students about the law
    The Foundation is also proud of its long-standing support and association with Public Counsel, conceived and founded by the Beverly Hills Bar Association more than 30 years ago and now the nation’s largest pro bono law firm. The Foundation, the Association, and Public Counsel share a deep commitment to helping others through volunteer service, a cornerstone of the Foundation’s tradition of excellence.

    Still with me? Fantastic. Below the jump is a grand sampling from the 26th Annual Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Event:

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    Event: 7th Annual Chocolate Salon – Pasadena

    Today’s guest post is brought to you by Mary; check out her blog Along Comes Mary for her adventures living gluten-free in SoCal. Be sure to give her a big hello on Facebook and Twitter!

    7th Annual Chocolate Salon

    The 7th annual Chocolate Salon is in the books with their LA sweet stop to The Pasadena Convention Center this past Sunday. I was thrilled to be given press access to check out all the fun. From the second I entered the lower level of the center, to when I ended my visit, I was offered a sample of a decadent piece of some of the finest cocoa candies out there. Oh, yeah!

    Combining interviews, demonstrations, workshops & an expo, The Salon travels the west coast every year celebrating everyone’s favorite sweet while highlighting the craft & artistry that goes into preparing chocolate & while many are familiar with wine & cheese pairings, The Salon will gladly educate you in pairing chocolate with wine, or beer (more on that later).

    I was super happy to stumble onto Bobby Bognar preparing for his discussion on his hit TV show, The History Channels’ The Food Tech & just what goes into preparing the food we eat every single day.

    Bognar made my day especially for me as his story is very inspiring; he spent 10 years in charge of Food Services at The Getty Museum, where he met his wife & she continues to be there to this day, when he came across a link on Chow Hound that a new food show was in the works & auditions were being held, he thought, what the heck, & after many audition tapes, 2 callbacks then several months later, Bobby became host of The Food Tech, where he literally shows you how your meal gets to your plate. He told us about the 1st topic he covered; burger and fries! Sounds so simple, no? Well, that meal had him going everywhere from a slaughterhouse to an onion farm!

    What particularly moved me about his interview, was his advice of, “Just do something.” He knows this for sure as he later found out that the link he had used to submit his info to audition for The Food Tech, only lasted on Chow Hound for about 5 minutes, as it did not meet the terms for posting on the web-site. Bognar could easily be the only person who submitted from that post.

    After Bobby, we got to meet The Beeroness herself, Jackie Dodd. Dodd is famous for telling you all you want to know & more on beer & pairing it with food. Have you ever wanted to host a beer & chocolate tasting party? Here are some cool tips from Jackie:

    • Choose a good mix of your chocolate: Brownies, Oreo s, Milk/Dark
    • Don’t do blind tastings, it will just make things harder for your guests. You’re better off labeling all your goodies so people know what they like.
    • Brown ales should be paired with a nutty chocolate.
    • Go from mellow to intense when doing a flight.

    Over at the expo, I came across some delicious booths & already have holiday gifts in mind. Droga Chocolate’s, I got to taste 3 of my favorite things rolled into one: a Honey Caramel Chocolate with French Sea Salt. So smooth & sweet, I definitely could taste the honey as an under note with the caramel.

    Over at Monterey Chocolate Company, they had me try a chocolate covered blood orange….yes. What I love about this company is that they make their treats according to whats at its ripest & they can get their hands on, literally.

    Rachael had mentioned to me to try the Krave chocolate covered jerky, but, alas, I do not eat meat, but it did look quite popular!

    I am so happy I finally got to see this amazing event, but word of advice: Go ahead & just eat any chocolate you buy, it was about 95 degrees today & I didn’t go right home afterwards…oops.

    Thanks for letting me stop by & share a story, Rachael! Xo

    Disclosure: I was provided with a media comp to attend The Salon for review purposes.