A Taste Of: Washington

Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier

This photo was snapped from my window seat after the conclusion of my first Washington adventure. I was there to visit my favorite cousins and, most importantly, play bridesmaid to my high school friend, Liz, who married her college sweetheart on the University of Washington campus. Though my first visit was merely six days, Washington left a lasting impression on me as one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas to visit in the USA. From metropolitan Seattle, to the scenic lake-filled central landscapes, all of the way to the ocean and up the majestic Olympics, Washington will remain in my top 3 favorite states for a very long time. Not to mention it is home to my favorite convention – Geek Girl Con. See you in October, Washington!

Window Seat View
Flying Virgin America

Author: Rachael

I’m Rachael Faught, a food loving, globe-trekking geek girl extraordinaire. Based in Los Angeles, I am dedicated to the life of a true bon vivant, experiencing all life has to offer and then promptly writing about it. When I’m not on the go, I’m typically at home cooking up a storm and obsessing over Attack on Titan with strangers on the internet.

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